Anyone actively preparing for CCDE?

I am surprised by how little activity there is on the CCDE section of this forum. I am booked for the August slot and interested to touch base with others preparing for the CCDE. Maybe a few group discussion sessions on WebEx?




  • hi,

    hope doing fine...

    i am currently preparing from definitive mpls and optimal routing design books..

    i am purely from enterprise architectural background but no experiance in SP architectural backgroup.

    i have seen in some forums that in practical exam the main focus is into SP architectures..

    most of them say there will be 4 questions out of which 2-3 will be from SP architectures..(i am sure not in same order)

    so not sure how to proceed with the plan...

    are you from SP background or enterprise background???


  • I have been preparing from the same books as well as the Top Down Networking design book and also the Cisco Validated Design guides. The ciscolive365 site I would highly recommend too, the content is free and you get access to really good VOD sessions specific to topics in the exam and they cover design related elements in some of the sessions.

    My background is a mix of SP & Enterprise but mostly SP architecture focused but my job role covers both.

  • I forgot to add, if you are new to the SP side of things - specifically MPLS - Definitive MPLS Network Designs is not the correct book to start reading. This book assumes you have some level of understanding and I would suggest using the MPLS & VPN architectures volume 1 & 2 books as a good starting point instead.

  • hi,

    thanks for the reply...i am also going through those books too..the other book is metro ethernet which is also very good..

    i do have experiance in mpls technologies but some times when i see some sample questions i get stuck where to use what..

    when to you use layer-2 vpn and when to use layer-3 vpn serivce and when to use vpls service..

    ofcourse it all depends upon the requirements..still in learning stage and comparing technologies where to put what...

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