L3Vpn vs L2VPN to ine racks what am i going to miss??


if i use l3vpn connection to the rack rentals, and chain my phones to the router.

what am i going to miss, i means whats there in L2 VPN with 3550/3560 thats not avaiable in L3vpn with the switch?

i do not have a switch right now and do not want to buy, also kindly let me know what is it that i would not be able to without the switch.



  • Hi cciev2801,

    The only things you will miss are seeing your phones show up connected to the switches local to the rack you are renting - (i.e. 2 phones connected directly to SW1, 1 phone connected directly to R2 and 2 phones connected directly to SW2. This will mean that only a few things will not work, those being CDPv2 Voice VLAN information, QoS packet marking between phones, and having your routers/switch/UCM hand out DHCP to your phones. It should be noted that the L2VPN is the exact setup you get in the actual lab, so towards the end of your studies it will be worth investing in a switch. For now though, you should be just fine.

  • hi mark,

    any chance you could post up the config for the core side of the l2vpn config please?i would like to set my home lab ip so its accessible remotely in a similar fashion if possible. many thanks

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