UCCX scripting Best Practice

Hi all,

I'm facing an issue with UCCX scripting in my lab.

Needed to modify the icd.aef default script. I made a copy of it, renamed it in the default folder , then opened it with CRS editor, modified it, validated, updated the Application Manager and....i'm sorry message. 

If i set the icd.aef default back again, it works. So it's a script issue but i can't find the reason the Application Manager is in partial service in the MIVR logs. It just says it's in partial service. I restarted the Engine, no changes

Am i missing somenthing? 

Is there a best practice procedure when modifing scripts ? I mean should i download it, modify it , etc..etc..upload it again or is it ok just copy and rename it ? 





  • 1) Modify script in UCCX Script editor

    2) Save to computers desktop

    3) Go into AppAdmin Script Managemnt

    4) Delete any existing scripts with the name of the script you are about to upload (if you have any)

    5) Upload new script, refresh script

    6) Point application to script

    ^ This is the "best practice" to avoid defects, human error... etc


    If you are hearing the system error message, ensure you have the CSQ dorrectly defined in your variable or any other steps seeking a variable that doesn't exist.


    Let me know if that gets it for you, if not see how far you can T/S then report back to us.

  • sounds to be familiar issue.

    Did you upload script itself after editing it?

    what does your script management show? 

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