Unity connection call handler issues

Hi all,

Trying to configure call handlers in my ccie lab.

I have 2 cal handlers. One with caller input let's call CH_A ( CTI 1000 ),  as per exsercise requirement, another  let's call CH_B ( CTI 1001 ) to permit Greeting Administrator login to register custom prompt. CTI route points work ok.

When calling 1000 (CH_A) i recieve the message CH_A is not available from unity. I cannot find the mistake, any suggestion ? CH_A basically has 2 option. option 0 to operator, option 1 to custom greeting with permission to see Directory.

When dialing CH_B ( 1001 ) it asks me for ID and PIN. Wich i should use? I have a call handler owner asssociated but i tried both the user id and the extensions as id with invalid response. Is the pin the same as the user voicemail? 

Thanks a lot for suggestions that will come.






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