Control Variphy phones in SRST mode



Can I control the phones from Virphy when the SRST mode is activated on INE's labs?

Do I have to include any configuration on the CME?


Thank you.

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  • Few things:

    1) If you shut down the serial interface as the method to throw the phones/gateway into SRST mode, you won't have any IP path to be able to control the phone. If you want to remotely control the phone, then you need to use the control panel to invoke the ACL to throw the phones into SRST mode. 

    2) Config on SRST/CME looks like this:


     url authentication variphy cisco


    Also don't forget to include "type" on the ephone - otherwise without this value the phone will not download the proper cnf file and will not receive the Auth URI.

  • Hi

    That is all I need.


    Thank you Mark



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