Anyone ever have any issues scheduling for lab?

So on Friday I scheduled my lab and typed in my credit card info... I received a conformation email saying they got the info and will let me know if they have any issues. I looked at my credit card and see they already put the $1,500 charge on it and it was in the pending state. 


The next day (yesterday) they attempted to make another $1,500 charge and my credit card company denied the second charge as they felt that was abnormal (which is 100% true.... I shouldn't have been charged $3,000 :-p) Instead of even sending me an email stating there was an issue like it said it would they droped me from the schedule but I see they still have the first charge of $1,500 against the card.


I tried calling into the certification hotline but they do not open until Monday, as fustrated as I was and not wanting to loose that seat I went ahead and signed up again but gave them a different credit card number. They attempted to make another $1,500 charge which didn't go through so they droped me a second time....


I now have $3,000 of charges to Cisco and still no lab scheduled because they keep dropping me........


Has anyone ever had this issue or similar before? I have spent just about every second of my life for the past year and a half plus plenty of time before that for this thing... the last thing I need is issues just signing up and paying for my lab date :(


  • Hi Brandon

    I had my first attempt on Apr 15th and did not have any issues as I booked 75 days in advance. It was kind of Cisco as they confirmed my lab scheduling but only charged me the fee just 3 weeks before the lab.  Your experience is bit wierd and unpleasant. You should raise a case on Cisco cert support, they are quite effective in addressing the concerns and issues based on my previous experience.



  • Well if they were trying to make a single charge and it being declined that is one thing.... but they are essentially trying to charge me $1,500 twice for the same test....... 


    The phone support is open tomorrow, I plan to call then..... I am expecting my date to fully show booked and a refund of $1,500 of that $3,000 they have so kindly charged me without giving me my date :D

  • Not really, but when I booked 14 ish days ago...I booked 18 days out of the lab date so naturally being tight on time I wanted to ensure my seat was confirmed. I recivied the initial email from Cisco saying that my seat was booked, but my payment status stayed "pending" for 5 days. Unlike your situation, my credit card was not charged up to that point.

    My experience was ok, except for the unexpexted long duriation for them to confirm the require payment. Even now (4 days away) the payment section on the scheduling website still says invoice pending ...

  • Do you know if they put a hold on your actual credit card right away like they did for me?


    Also, do you know if they at all actually put two charges of $1,500 against it?

  • No they did not put an initial hold on my card,  becasue about 4 days into I called Amex to see if they attempted to charge my card it was declined for any reason.

    I never "double" check to ensure they didn't charge me twice...I think I will wait until after thursday to check on that one...don't need that on my mind right now if so :-)



  • Well I would be in the same boat if they would stop dropping me from the schedule..... lol

  • If anyone else runs across this apparently it is a known issue currently happening to a bunch of people.


    If you open a case with the certification support team they should work with you to get things straightened out.

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