Task 6.6 and 'enable' allowed in view INT

When I follow the SG and don't exclude the 'enable' option from the view INT I can get to privilege exec mode and then make confriguration changes.

I therefore removed the 'enable' option from the view and it's fine.  Does the SG need updating to reflect this?

command exec exclude enable

Rack1R4: tel

Trying ... open

User Access Verification

Username: INTERN



Exec commands:

 <1-99>         Session number to resume

 credential      load the credential info from file system

 exit              Exit from the EXEC

 show            Show runnign system information



  • Hello,

    I ran into the same problem and managed to fix it as you suggested. Also on my IOS version I do not see show interface in the context sensitive help when I'm logged in as INTERN but I can issue it (strange IOS bug I guess):


    Rack1R5>show ?
      clock   Display the system clock
      flash:  display information about flash: file system
      parser  Show parser commands
      slot0:  display information about slot0: file system

    Rack1R5>show interface
    FastEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
      Hardware is Gt96k FE, address is c200.64aa.0000 (bia c200.64aa.0000)
      Internet address is


    Looks like the SG is indeed in need of an update on this task.


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