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Just now purchased DC workbook and AAP. I would like to know what is proper method to deal with this monster. I would like to build a solid approach for this one. I have daily 3-4 hours commute time to study / lab this thing. So time management should be a must. I would like to build some thing like Peter have posted for RS.

Any pointers will be greater help....


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    I have also started preparing for DC very recently and going to buy workbooks but just wondering if there is also full scale labs volume in these workbooks similar to RS vol 2. I already have AAP so there wont be any problems understanding the DC technologies. I will come up with a similar approach like RS in a week time I.e once go through all the technologies appear in the lab. If there is already anything like that please share.



    We don't just yet have a document outlining the structured approach like we do for R&S and Voice, however allow me to help you to begin using our products along with the required reading in an orderly manner. 



    If you haven't completed the written exam, then begin here:

    Next, you will want to move on to our Nexus course:

    Next, I would recommend reading through all of the Nexus 7000 and 5000 documentation including the FabricPath Design Guide and vPC Design Guides. While reading through these, it would be a good time to book a few rack sessions and get familiar with many of the commands. 

    Then I would move on to our Storage course. Brian does a fantastic job of breaking down Fibre Channel in a manner best suited for those who already understand more traditional data networks. 

    Once completed, read through all of the Storage documentation and book some lab time and play with all things storage - both native FC and FCoE. 

    Next, move on to our UCS course.

    During watching the course you may wish to register with and download the UCS emulator, so that you can walk-through the pages/technologies as I describe them. 

    Then read all the documentation and book some rack time and play with UCS. 

    Next I would begin working through the online CCIE DC Lab Workbooks that we offer - the Nexus Technology Labs offer both Nexus and Storage, and the UCS Technology Labs offer UCS, Nexus 1000v and ACE (all three covered in that video course as well). You may opt to work through these workbooks back when I recommended booking rack time whilst reading the documentation for each subject matter. 

    Finally, begin to work through our IE DC Mock Labs (not yet released, but coming in the next few weeks). 


    Hope this helps some!

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    Thanks Mark, this would be a help

    So there won't be a vol2 (full scale labs) but mock labs for practising labs at the end. Right.

  • Same thing - yes there will be full-scale labs, and that is what we are working on right now. We are also working on building another special full-scale lab rack dedicated to this purpose.

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    Thanks for replies. i will keep editing my own question during going through written exam.

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