More of the same:R&S or Voice?

Hello all, i am a CCNP R&S and half-way to CCNP Voice engineer with minimal experience. I was offered a job from a Cisco Partner, as a voip engineer (only cisco products). 

I am in a dilemma whether i should get involved in voip or stick to R&S

The interviewer (CCIE R&S himself) told me that there are plenty of cisco r&s engineers and being a good voip engineer has great future. I told him about my goal of becoming a CCIE R&S and his answer was simple: Do you wanna become one? Becone in voice! :)

I have also read that in the future, there will be PBXs over the cloud. Does this mean that CUCM on premises will be over?

Regarding becoming CCIE, it is obvious that R&S is the "easiest" track and the voice probably the hardest.  So isn't it a pity to skip it? Will i gain experience in this job that will help me with the R&S lab? The underlying infrastructure is done by another team...

Any thoughts are welcome.





  • I guess the best thing here is to ask yourself a question:

    Which are do you like the most? What do you see yourself doing 3-5 years from now? R&S or Voice?

    This should help you determining which path to follow. I would say that since you alredy have your CCNP R&S and is half-way on your CCNP Voice journey, I would then complete your CCNP Voice and then decide which IE to take. The job will for sure give you experience and help completing your voice certification.

    Also, many people say the Voice is harder, but R&S is just about the same, it will depend if you are prepared or not. 


    Good luck!

  • dcanceriandcancerian ✭✭✭

    Routing switching is the base of the networking and everything else runs over them. You go to any track u must have good knowledge on RS. If really want to do RS go for it. Other track can be done later on. Most importantly listen what u really want to do no matter easy or hard.

  • Thank you for your answers guys. The truth is that i like both tracks. The question is, if i choose this job and lets say that i work 2-3 years straight with CUCM, will i be able afterwards to get involved with R&S projects if i decide to? Or it will be just like getting starting from zero experience?

    Furthermore, what do you think about cloud PBXs? Taking into account that voice track relies heavily on CUCM, is there a possibility in the future that a callmanager engineer's experience will become practically useless?

    Thank you!

  • WoW! I'm having the same issue that's has kept me from doing anything the last 2 months. I'm also CCNP R/S but just starting CCNP Voice. I have all the equipment for CCIE Voice. None for CCIE R/S other than live equipment and can't use rack rental (Military Afghanistan) I brought a esxi vmware server hard drive for my dell 1950 with all the servers. Now i find myself having to learn VM ware and start from the very beginning with voice or studying all the Videos for RS and take a bootcamp. As easy as the choice may seem VMWare is beating me up trying to change the IP to match INE outline and I do very little voice at work but work R/S all day.

    I thinking do I just stick with R/S or take all 5 CCNP Voice test and then decide also.

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