Review of WB3-Lab1


I completed the beta WB3-Lab1 successfully tonight with a 55/62 even if i couldn't complete 7.3 and 7.4

I think the task 4.9 is underestimated on time and points alloted. While the 4.8 is pretty "easy" compared to 4.9.

There's a difference between the old and the updated task:

• Ensure that reachability to R1’s Loopback0 interface is maintained.

than now

• Ensure that reachability to R1’s Loopback0 interface is maintained.
• All configurations should be performed on R5.
• Do not modify any administrative distances.


Apart from that, task 6.1 was missing the clock rate command on R2 and it wasn't in the solution neither in the Faults section.

I didn't completed the task 7.3 but, i think the solution guide is a bit imcomplete about doing an Area 0 from a Virtual-Link between 2 loopbacks over IPv6 :-) But this is an interesting task !

What i like from this new workbook format is that the lab instructions are much more clear about what to do nor what to not do and the CCIE LAB hints are very helpful.

Last positive thing to mention is the new Config manager feature where you can load up to a section is what we need for all workbooks actually. For WB1 i would say that every tasks should be loaded separately. But it's going in the good direction already and you guys do a great job.

WB3-Lab2 tomorrow as my 11th week's startin.




  • My development rack has R3 as the DCE and that's what is in the solutions.  No need worrying about which side is DTE and which side is DCE because technically you can just put the clock rate on both ends and the DTE side will just reject the command.  

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