CUC can not import users

CUC after integration , AXl configuration .When i press find to get the users from CCM , i found 0 users.please advise


Thank you


  • Double check your user configuration in CUCM,  ensure that the users had their phone extensions associated with them, thats one possible cause of not finding any users after a correct integration.

  • Dear


    I am sure of my configuration , i did this integration in many real projects . I need to know , if this possible in lab , i do not know what is the reason/.,


    Thank you


  • CUC and CUCM integration is very straighforward as long as AXL and user/phone configuration has primay line and lastname (surname) it works. I never came across such problem after more than 100 integrations. Check for basic faults like network port connectivity problem, port number configuration etc. I am sure it will be some simple misconfiguration, unless you have corrupt installation.



  • I had this problem once in my personal study lab. What I ended up doing was deleting and readding the users on CUCM. I was so fustrated I started digging into logs and beleive I found a matching bug which basically had the workaround of deleting and re-adding the CUCM users.


    Assuming you are seeing this issue, have you tried just adding a new CUCM end user to see if they show up?

  • Rahm,

    The only reason for the issue should be not to associate the primary extension from the end user configuration page. If you think the configuration is perfect and still it's not working then please delete the integration and reassociate again after restarting the servers.

    Have you checked the bug toolkit if any similar bug is there?

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