Starting the CCIE DC Journey


I'm relatively new to the INE world, but so far from what I've seen I am extremely impressed with INE's products.  I just finished my CCNP R&S thankfully to the INE CCNP R&S material.  I am very interested in pursuing a CCIE DC.  My background is primarily in the system side so the CCIE DC looks very attractive to in the technology disciplines that it focuses on.

I realize the CCIE DC is still brand new and a tried and true study plan is highly unlikely; however, are there any recommendations on what we should start working on for sure?  I imagine this will be a work in progress as the CCIE DC is so new that many people are still trying to work on a strategy.

From what I hear licensing is a big part of the CCIE DC written.

What do you recommend?

Thank in advance!


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