AAR VM redirect

Call Flow / Topo

SITE A                                                             Site B
               ------ WAN blocking 100% calls   ---
  CUC       ------  due to CAC but not down  ---    Phone 1

2 Requiremnts:

1 - If PSTN caller calls Site B Phone 1 and hits RNA, he must hear the correct greeting for that phone

2 - If the Site B Phone 1 user presses the messages button on their phone, they must hear the prompt to enter their pin

For Requiment #1 - I know that you can set up the redirecting IE on the outgoing gateway at B and the incoming for A. When this is set this up it works for the PSTN caller.



For Requiment #2 ( where I run into a wall) -  When I hit the messages button on site B phone, it hits the Hunt Pilot, fails due to CAC, reroutes with the AAR Mask configured for the pilot. When this happens though the redirecting number changes to the Unity Pilot number and the phone hears the generic unity welcome greeting.

If I turn off the redirecting IE on the gateways the HQ Phone will hear the correct greeting but then the call does not work for the PSTN.

I found a "workaround" of creating Forwarding rule matching the called number of the hunt pilot, and the calling number of BR1 Phone 1. I set the transfer to attempt login and it works.....

I could have sworn I remember reading / seeing this earlier in my studies but my mind is drawing a blank other then what I found messing around wiht the forwarding rules.



  • And yes I set the alternate extensions, I also have "XXXX" set up as the mask

  • Hi Brandon

    The way I consider it is as long as the redirecting number which is SiteB phone (for PSTN call) and calling number of siteB phone (voicemail button) is recognised by CUC you hear the user mailbox greeting. Yes having the redirecting number config on Site-B gateway and alternate extension should definitely help. If alternate extension cannot be configured than you have to tweak VM hunt pilot mask to XXXX. I believe that is all there is to the scenario you mentioned. If my understanding of what you stated is wrong, please expand.



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