H323 Trunk in INE Rack rental


Is there any posibility to use a an H323 Trunk in your rack rental..


can you please pinpoint on the steps/IP's used for this ..




  • H.323 trunk is nothing but a 'H.323 Gateway' configuration from CUCM point of view, or a H.323 dial-peer from CME point of view.

    But yes, GK controlled H.225 trunk is also a H.323 trunk.

  • But if the question ask me to test the functionality of the Intercluster trunk non gatekeeper controller .. does the INE rack rental offer this?? 


    and if yes, what is the peer IP that must be put in that trunk configuration?? "Server 1 IP Address/Hostname "??



    Thanks in advance !

  • Absolutely. You can create an H323 Trunk or H323 Gateway both to any router (Voice Gateway) or CME (which is nothing more than another voice gateway) or to/through an H323 GK (running on any IOS router in our racks).

  • Intercluster non-GK trunk is the trunk between two CUCM cluster - CCIE Voice lab blueprint has only one cluster so INE.

    Practically, to configure the intercluster non-GK trunk you need to give remote UCM Server IP address into the 'Server 1 IP Address/Hostname' field. You can also give secondary UCM address/hostname into the same page. The same configuration must need to be done from remote cluster. Then save the configuration. The configuration is straight & simple as it is.

    Also, no workbook should talk about intercluster non-GK controller trunk as CCIE Voice lab blueprint doesnt' support that.

    Hope it clears.

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