XR1 & XR2 INE SPv3 Lab Initial Configs for GNS3/Dynamips

Hi Guys,

Not sure if i downloaded the wrong file but I notice the GNS3/Dynamips initial configs for XR1 and XR2 is still base on IOS XR. Could someone point me to the correct initial config for IOS type? Gonna be quite a pain to convert everything. :)




  • Same thing happened to me. I think we have the right configs, its just a matter of adapting them for GNS3 to run on a 7200. Its a pain to have to change it, but after a fully built GNS3 topology only needing a few modifications I was pretty happy with it. 


  • Bad news:  There are no other files, so you have to do it "live"
    Good news:  The only time the entire configuration changes is when you change topologies i.e. when the drawing changes....all the changes within the same diagram only involve non-IP address configuration, so that part stays the same, you just need to look at the initial configuration for whichever lab you are doing and add the "extra" configuration to your already configured IP portion.



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