UCCX - cannot change ready state



Working on Mod 19 workbook 1.

UCCX with CUCM integration apparently seems fine. CT ports and CTI RP's are created properly but agents are not able to change their state to ready.

The phone gives an error saying it can't change agent state because the phone is out of service. Restarted UCCX engine  (serviceability tool) but no success. Any ideas  know what it could be?

The incoming call does get queued correctly and can be seen on the agents phones.





  • Is the agent in question in the right groups?  Just a guess right now.  


    Yes the agents are in the correct group. As I mentioned the incoming calls are showing on the correct agents.

    I think it could be an issue with the IP agent phone service. I have restarted a few times but no luck so far.


    I found this on UCCX, but not sure what session server is:

    Agent cannot go Ready after logging in

    Symptom       Agent cannot go Ready
    after logging in.

    Error Message       The Cisco Agent Desktop says that the resource's device is off and the agent extension is out of service.

    Possible Cause       The agent's
    ephone does not have a session-server configured.

    Recommended Action       Make sure
    the session server of the agent's ephone is set to the Cisco Unified CCX session



    Issue got resolved by restarting CTI manager service on CUCM (both nodes) and power cycling the phones.

    Apparently this has been a bug. Found relevant information on google.




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