Strange Issue with Route List, Hunt Lists and CM Group


I ran into a strange issue recently. I had almost completed building the lab according to one of the Workbook vol 2 specs and I remembered to include my CUCM Subscriber in the CUCM group. Shortly after doing this and making it the primary CM in the group, I noticed that my Route lists and Hunt lists went into a state of 'unregistered'. I checked in serviceability and the services on the server were running, I also went ahead and restarted them but there was no change. I restarted the servers also but no it was same.

Even more interesting, I decided to remove the Publisher CM from the group leaving only the Subscriber and all the phones went unregistered as well. I thought this was a replication issue but when I checked via CLI and CUCM OS admin, the replication status was ok. The only thing I was unable to do satisfactorily was go through the logs thoroughly. It was late and I was tired from a long day.

Does anyone have any idea what this could indicate?


  • Eventhough the replication status says is okay. You still can have a replication problem, I've had this happened a few times. Go to the PUB and run "utils dbreplication forcedatasyncsub all" aftert this command is done, restart the SUB "utils system restart" I think your issue will be corrected.


  • I had performed a "utils dbreplication repair", found the result ok and concluded that all was well concerning replication. I may not be able to do as you advise now because the incidence occured during my rented rack session which is over now. However, I will look up that command and be sure to use it next time I encounter something similar.

    Thanks very much.

  • the best practice is to stop the replication first "utils dbreplication stop" then run the dbsynch to force the synchronization. These command can take a few minutes to completion.

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