Transfer to voicemail


I want to create a button to transfer a ringing call to the voiceimail, is there any way to do it?


  • You need to look up the 'iDivert' feature in the CUCM features and services guide for full details.

    This feature would require you to add the 'iDivert' softkey to the user's existing softkey template for the 'connected', 'on-hook', 'on-hold' and 'ring-in'call states. If you are required to do this with a single button press, then you need to order the 'iDivert' softkey so it shows up among the first four softkeys. Pressing this softkey for an incoming call would send the caller to the called party's voicemail.

    PS: This assumes you have a working voicemail setup and the line you wish to divert its calls to voicemail has the voicemail profile set accordingly. If you do not have voicemail and just wish to test the iDivert feature, then you could use another user's DN for the voicemail pilot/profile.


  • Thanks. However, I need the iDivert mapped to a phone button. For instance, I´d like to have a phone button configured with a different extension, and the user will use it to transfer a ringing call to the voicemail.



  • Another way to send an incoming call directly to voicemail is through the DND feature, which is also in the CUCM documentation from my first post. Take a look at this post.

    You could set the users call forward busy to voicemail, add a DND phone button to the user's phone button template and set the DND option to 'call reject'. The only issue with this is that it is a toggle button so when you press it to send a call to voicemail, DND stays on and all subsequent calls will be treated according to your DND configuration. Except you press it twice - turn on DND and send that incoming call to your CFB setting which is voice mail, then press again to turn off DND- to make it behave sort of like iDivert.


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