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Hai Everyone,

                   I am using CUCM 8.6 version right now .In my CUCM our company is having nearly 300 Directory Numbers configured with different calling spaces with different dialing rights .My company Asked me to produce the report of all DN's  with their dialling rights . Now my question is How can i able list all DN in my CUCM with their CSS in a Quickly manner. (for eg: 4001-css_loc , 4008- css_INTL, 4007-css likewise ).  

          I tried to go to CSS page and in Dependency Records page and i found all DN list for that particular CSS. But  this DN list contains similar DN in other CSS also. (for eg - 4002 found in CSS_local and also in CSS_INTL page also. But if i go to DN page and check for the CSS used then presently 4002 is having CSS_ INTL only.) So i cant able to confirm it since DN list is not accurate when using DN list . How can i able to solve this issue. I want to prepare DN list CSS they used in a Quickly manner?. Plz Help me out.


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