2504 Wireless Controller


Hi All,

I have a brand new Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller.  I'm a little confused about setting it up.  I have two different routers conecting to two differeint ISP's.  One router is for the corporate network, the other router is for the guest network.  The corp & guest networks are on two physically seperated LAN's.  I'm not sure how to set the 2504 ports up.  I want' to set the WC up to point one SSID to the coporate network and the other SSID to the guest network. 

I'm assuming I set one SSID (SSIDCORP) on port 1 of the WC and connect it to the corp LAN.  The second SSID (SSIDGUEST) I'll  configure on port 2 and connected to the guest LAN. Should both ports 1 & 2 on the WC be access ports?   Since they're both access ports I'm not putting a VLAN ID on either interface.  Does this sound correct?  Both networks have their own DHCP/DNS/DG ip address schemes.






  • Hi Owen,


    According to me, every port on WLC (Wireless Lan Controller) is a 802.1q trunk port by default and the configuration is unmodified. Also, SSID affects the WLC performance alot. So, consider that part before creation of two different SSID. I will make some more search regarding the different SSID setup on different ports before updating more information regarding it.




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