unknown number

hi,,i m trying to solve this problem but i m failing to do..when i get call from pstn FX0 on h.323 gateway which forwards call to cucm , to one registered ip phone,,it typically shows unknown number calling on display......infact i have enabled the caller id on voice port of h.323 gateway ...kindly tell me about its solution?



  • Is the issue number or name or both?  Number should be carried with the call.  Name requires a lookup.

    If you hook an analog phone to the line and call it, do you cet caller ID name and number?

    If you sniff a call off of the wire, what do you see for CID in the sip headers?

    How is cucm setup to do lookups?

    I know exaclt nothing about cucm, but I work for a clec.  Typically, CID issues should be troubleshot like anything else  - if more complex aspects of it aren't working, verify the simplest.

  • IT WAS CALLER-ID ISSUE But afterall i resolved it ,,it was not of sip headers it is h.323 gateway...thanks for ur reply

  • Care to share what the issue was and what the solution was?

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