Conference Bridging - Help needed

Hi folks,

Last night, while practicing the module 6 of workbook 1, I encountered a problem when setting up a conference bridge on the CorpHQ router.

When i've tried to enter the command "maximum sessions 1", I received the error message saying it had no resources available.

I checked through the show inventory that i had only one PVDM2-16 with 1 DSP installed in the router.
As far as I know, is not sufficient to configure these resources, taking also a VWIC-2MFT-T1.

Same problem on the Branch1 router.

I opened a support ticket and I was told that there must be some inherent issue of troubleshooting and to see the solution videos.

I went to see Mark Snow's video and he has a PVDM2-48 with 3 DSPs, in the routers that he uses in the videos.

Please explain to me, if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm right saying that 1 DSP is not enough for everything.

My setup until the error was:

voice-card 0
 dsp services dspfarm
sccp local Loopback0
sccp ccm identifier 2 priority 2 version 7.0
sccp ccm identifier 1 priority 1 version 7.0
sccp ccm group 1
 associate ccm 1 priority 1
 associate ccm 2 priority 2
 associate profile 1 register CorpHQ-SW-MTP
dspfarm profile 1 mtp 
 no codec g711ulaw
 codec g729r8
 codec g729ar8
 maximum sessions software 50
 associate application SCCP
 no shutdown
dspfarm profile 2 conference 
 codec g711ulaw
 codec g711alaw
 codec g729ar8
 codec g729abr8
 codec g729r8
 codec g729br8
 maximum conference-participants 16
 maximum sessions ?

<0-0> .......


Thanks to you all.


  • You do not need to do much troubleshooting. You are right in saying that conferencing requires its own DSP and a PVDM-16 is not sufficient for voice termination and conferencing.

    What you see on the "show inventory" is what exists on the router. The routers on the demo videos may have PVDM-48s but as far as I have seen, the only router with more than one DSP on the rental racks is the Branch2-R3. You could unconfigure the T1 controller to free up the DSP and test your conferencing feature, or test conferencing for branch2 instead.




  • Thanks for your help HTH.

    I was pretty sure about what i was saying but i decided to follow the support advice and question you guys around here.

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