wildcard "+" and "!"

Hi guys

i've a little doubt..what is the exact difference beetween those kind of wildcard?

for example with a given RP of  91! or 91X+

in the case of 91! it can match one or more digits from 0 to 9 and it's clear but in the case of 91X+ what exact digit it matches?

maybe 911111 or 912222 or 9133 or 914444444 ? right ?

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  • hi jryan,


    my understanding is that if the plus sign (+) is used in a pattern then it matches one or more  of the preceding digit.

    Example.. 91234+ can equal 912344 or 9123444 or 91234444   ect.


    Also if the plus sign is used at the beginning of a pattern then it will be referencing the E.164 number plan

  • Where are you placing the wild card for this?


    The ! and + wild cards can be placed on both CUCM for routing 


    ! =  used for one or more numbers so an international call i might make a route pattern in CUCM with    011!  or 011!# ( for interdigit timeout)


    + = globalized call routing ( E.164 call routing)


    The + can be placed on the IOS through dialpeers and translation rules 


    + =  preceding digit that occurs one or more times ( If my number was 1122+ this means the number is can followed by "2" one or more times so 11222)


    Hope that helps.



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