Hello INEs Cisco world.. i am trying to add the pri-gorup command under the contorllers howver, its telling me to disabled the Voice-Card.. It has been such a long time.. Can someone please refresh my memory..Thanks


  • Is it possible for you to post the exact error being displayed on the CLI? It would be helpful for some of us to understand and learn from the problem. The major issue I have encountered while configuring the pri-group is one of unavailable DSPs. 

  • NP. I will be racking tonight and if it happens I will post it

  • sorry for the late response. i had to wait for the issue to happen again.. So  you will need to go to the voice-card 


    Voice-card  0

     no dsp service dspfarm


    Why: If you load the lab from  your member account depending on the lab you load will depend on resources you will have on R1.. 


    Reason: Not enough DSP resources because either the transcoder or Conference is taking upall the resouces, you probably can play with it as in.

     controller t1 0/0/0

     pri-group time-slots 1-2

    dspfarm profile 3 transcoder

          max session 1



    so how that works..I will try also 

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