WB VPN 4.24 ATOM Eth<->Fr and 4.25 VPLS


I have some question related with the two labs 4.24 and 4.25

4.24 ATOM Eth<->Fr

I can't understand and find any document that explain how to manage the IOS Xr MTU, in this lab the CE is configured with an MTU of 1504 becouse this mtu account even the 4 byte of the Frame Relay Encapsulation while the PE is configured with 1500 (both ar IoS XR), in the previous 4.22 lab, AToM PPP, both CE and PE where configured with mtu 1504... any help about that?

Another problem is that I can't find on the XR 12000 3.9 where they document the AToM...


4.25 VPLS

I icant't find where on the 12.2SR configuration guide how to configure normal IOS for VPLS....



I hope that someon can help! Thanks in advance!



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