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I purchase workbook volume I, from ine website i have donwloaded gns3 topology file, but i don't understand what ip addressing config i must load on GNS3. I started from the first lab on switching but what initial ip addressing i must load ?? i don't understand the correspondence between pdf (switching ecc ecc) file and config file with device configuration. Plese help me.


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    Maybe do the INE remote-racks first -- before starting the GNS3 config.  Learn what the racks are all about.    I do not think lab-1.1 was  initially easy for anyone.  

    After you have given it your best effort -- do a search on "1.1 ieoc".  There is one thread that spells the solution out.   I don't give it to you here, because it is best you try on your own first (I think).

    Lab-1 is a real equalizer to the ego (right at the very beginning -- of all places).    For me personally, I started the labs with a sort of Intermediate-Syndrome (thought I knew something, but found out different.)


    After that, check out RelativityDrive GNS3.  Out of the box, it works for router stuff (INE labs).

  • gns3 is really poor for switching. I have just started wbI and the first section is all switching(layer 2). I have also just finished building a lab.

    I would do one of the following, get some real switches and learn how to use them with gns3. there are plently of people on the forum doing this and 100s of guides on the internet

    the other option is to use ine's rack rental system. you buy tokens which allows you access to their hardware which has been all setup and all the configs for all the tasks pre setup. you can acces this via their web page which is easy to use


    having said all this, I bought the non gns3 workbooks, so I dont know how different it is to the normal ones.

  • When you login to INE and go to the workbook section you will see where you can download all the VOL 1 related files. in that list is the "initial configurations". Download that and extract everything. These are the configs for each rack in the INE rack rentals. If your using a home lab just extract and use rack 1. Inside that folder you will see all the base configs the WB will ask you to load at the start of each section.


  • I agree with David; you cannot practice switching labs in GNS3. You can either buy your own switches or rent them. Additionally, you build a CCIE lab using GNS3 (to emulate routers) and real switches as described in the link below.


    Just my 2 cents.


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