13.6 Dhcp on-demand pool


I am not able to get the right subnet mask with the conf provided by SG.

*Mar  1 00:14:04.835: Se0/1 IPCP: State is Open
*Mar  1 00:14:04.839: Se0/1 IPCP: Install negotiated IP interface address
*Mar  1 00:14:04.847: Se0/1 IPCP: Subnet: address mask
*Mar  1 00:14:05.623: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Serial0/1, changed state to up
Rack1R1(config-if)#do sh ip int se0/1
Serial0/1 is up, line protocol is up
  Internet address is
  Broadcast address is
  Address determined by IPCP
  Peer address is

checking the doccd, I think the right solution is configuring R1 not with 'ip address negotiated' but with 'ip address pool ODAP_POOL'


but in this way I can't get an ip address from R3.

Someone can help here?





  • Hello,


    I was struggling with this as well a few moments ago and I got into the conclusion based on this document http://blog.ine.com/2008/07/06/the-mystery-of-ppp-ipcp-mask-request-command/  that IPCP will not use the mask address provided  by it's peer to itself, it could be used to allocate this addresses to other clients (so as a relay agent will do it).

    So bottom line what you configure to import via DHCP on demand pool will not be use to you, instead it can be forward to other clients,





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