CCNP Security - Potential Lab Workbook?

To the INE Team,


I am wondering if you will be bringing out a similar style workbook that you are currently (re)doing for the new CCIE Security v4 track (mentioned recently in Brian Dennis blog). I understand you are also updating the labs to reflect this from that perspective (SC Track) - I imagine from a cabling perspective it would remain the same e.g R1 g0/0 to sw1 g1/0/1, ASA2 e1 to sw2 g1/0/4 etc etc etc.


I am heavily involved in the global network infrastructure for my company, where we are predominantly Cisco from a router, switcheand firewall perspective and use quite a lot of the technology on a daily basis ... my understanding on some of the topics is still a little fuzzy in some places, so combining the recently re-recorded CCNP Security videos with some labs would help me in not getting too creative in production ;-)



Chris P


  • This is also something I would be interested in.

    Also just to add a more general question but what exercises do guys do here using the Security Lab if you're only interested in CCNP level and not buying the CCIE workbooks?

    Do people just watch the CCNP Security Videos and try to recreate it?



  • Professional level knowledge is also enough for working in a network infrastructure. The major difference is understanding level & the hands on practice. If you have done the CCNP Security with in depth knowledge & experience with the lab, it can be more easiest way to move with CCIE Security.


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