XR-L2VPN Error


i get this error msg

 %FORWARDING-FWD_L2HAL-2-CONFIG_NOT_SUPPORTED : Engine 3 LC cannot be edge and core simultaneously. Revert those configs.


from cisco site i got this info:-

Error Message    

%FORWARDING-FWD_L2HAL-2-CONFIG_NOT_SUPPORTED Engine 3 LC cannot be edge and core simultaneously. Revert those configs.

A runtime error occurred in GSR L2HAL module. The reason for the failure is also displayed.

Recommended Action   
Revert the config wherever the same LC is configured as both edge facing and core facing card.




the setup is simple:------>SW1---XR2----XR3----XR4----SW2


the l2vpn config is in XR2 and XR4


here are the configs which is working fine:-


interface GigabitEthernet0/9/0/1.101 l2transport
 dot1q vlan 101

mpls oam

 pw-class CLASS1
  encapsulation mpls
 bridge group 1
  bridge-domain BAR
   interface GigabitEthernet0/4/0/0.101
   vfi VFI1
    neighbor pw-id 101
     pw-class CLASS1


RP/0/3/CPU0:XR2(config)#do sh l2vpn bri
Fri Feb 22 09:09:48.371 UTC
Bridge group: 1, bridge-domain: BAR, id: 0, state: up, ShgId: 0, MSTi: 0
  Aging: 300 s, MAC limit: 4000, Action: none, Notification: syslog
  Filter MAC addresses: 0
  ACs: 1 (1 up), VFIs: 1, PWs: 1 (1 up), PBBs: 0 (0 up)
  List of ACs:
    Gi0/4/0/0.101, state: up, Static MAC addresses: 0
  List of Access PWs:
  List of VFIs:
    VFI VFI1
      Neighbor pw-id 101, state: up, Static MAC addresses: 0


RP/0/3/CPU0:XR2(config)#do ping pseudowire 101
Fri Feb 22 09:10:19.769 UTC

Sending 5, 100-byte MPLS Echos to VC: 101,
      timeout is 2 seconds, send interval is 0 msec:

Codes: '!' - success, 'Q' - request not sent, '.' - timeout,
  'L' - labeled output interface, 'B' - unlabeled output interface,
  'D' - DS Map mismatch, 'F' - no FEC mapping, 'f' - FEC mismatch,
  'M' - malformed request, 'm' - unsupported tlvs, 'N' - no rx label,
  'P' - no rx intf label prot, 'p' - premature termination of LSP,
  'R' - transit router, 'I' - unknown upstream index,
  'X' - unknown return code, 'x' - return code 0

Type escape sequence to abort.

Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/7/13 ms


any ideas on this...pls let me know....






  • Can you paste the route to from XR2 in order to know what the output interface is?? show route

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