IPv4 Compatible Tunnel vs. 6to4 Tunnel


I am trying to understand meaning, setup and difference between IPv4 Compatible Tunnel vs. 6to4 Tunnel.

found some basic understanding http://www.cciecandidate.com/?p=592

Looking for clear and deep understanding.

Thanks a lot


  • one cent from my search:

    6to4 Tunnels

    IPv4-compatible tunnel

    point-to-multipoint tunnel


    point-to-point tunnel

    routers are not configured in


    IPv4 address embedded in the IPv6
    address is used to find the other end of the automatic tunnel


    may be configured on a border
    router in an isolated IPv6 network

    can be configured between
    border-routers or between a border-router and a host

    creates a tunnel on a per-packet


    tunnel destination is determined
    by the IPv4 address of the border router

    tunnel destination is
    automatically determined by the IPv4 address


    use IPv4-compatible IPv6 addresses


    easy method to create tunnels for
    IPv6 over IPv4


    Technique does not scale for large





    It is easy.

    Suppose you were in a spa.


    v4 = man

    v6 = woman

    IPv4 compatible address = mixed bathing

    6to4 = woman with male costume


  • Rauta,

    this seems intersting, could be please throw some more light.

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