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Brilliant video series done by Brian for preparation for the CCNA. For those going the two route exam path to the CCNA, which vidoes in this series do I watch for CCENT preparation?



  • CCNA Videos should be covering both ICND 1 and ICND 2 exam contents. For CCENT you should be okay if have been through those Videos. For additional reference you can refer Cisco Press ICND 1 and 2 books. There are two versions of those two books though


    1. Self Study guides by Author Steve Mcquery

    2. Exam Certification guides by Wendell Odom


    If you dont have work experience, usually Self Study guides are better to go with. Exam Cert guides assume some prior knowledge and experience.



    Deepak Arora

    Evil CCIE


  • With the new exams you'll need to know a bit more CCNP level topics. Multi Area OSPF, OSPFv3 for IPv6. Etherchannel/ Port channels for bonding multiple trunk links together. I would say if you already know CCENT material, or have the Cert and are working towards CCNA, dive head long into the CCNA. I would highly recommend knowing all the topics for the CCNA as they are posted on  Cisco's website. I also would highly recommed the Network+, it highlights all the necessary parts of networking. If your struggling like I did at first, the Net+ will take a step back and walk step by step.



  • all it looks like that Cisco is going to do is to add the items in to give the person a quick overview of the items. Mainly the new areas will be only single areas while the CCNP exam will cover multi areas with different BGP, EIGRP and OSPF and others mixed in for you to work with.

    This is the basic knowledge that will help you with the next exams for the CCNP level.


    I read the CCENT exam objectives (it is covering OSPF v3,
    IPv6, and much more stuff), and it appears that the new exam becomes much more
    intense and harder now. For people new to networking technologies, the new
    version of the CCENT exam is difficult than the old one.


    The best thing with
    this new update is that Cisco makes the CCENT more valuable.


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