Workbook 1 - Task 5.5 DND configuration


I'm not sure which part of the deep dive video mentions how this task is being accomplished:

"Set DND on Hugo Reyes' phone (x1002) to Enabled..."

This is supposed to send calls to x2001, but the deep dive video or workbook does not say where this setting is configured. Where do you define which DN to send calls on a Line/Phone that has DND set to Active?




  • Hi,

    When DND is enabled the call is forwarded for the DN configured on the Forward Busy setting. If you press DND after the ringing state it will be forwarded to the DN configured on the Forward No Answer setting, i think.

    Be carefull with the CSS...


  • DND on CUCM gives you two options to handle the incoming calls:

    1. Call Reject

    2. Ringer Off

    If you set the 'Call Reject' option busy tone would be sent to the calling party. But you can set some # to be called instead of returning busy tone. Put your desired number on the 'Call Forward Busy' field on the line configuration.

    If you set 'Ringer Off' option then it's a normal call only, the exception is the called party phone will ring silent.

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