Can we use the route-map to redistribute the loopback in real lab exam due to rib-failure???


route-map loop per 10

match int lo0


then redistriubute this into either IGP/EGP


router ()

red route-map loop


to overcome the rib-failure, are we permitted to do this in real time lab exam...or is there any other way to overcome rib-failure...

pls let me know..




  • RIB failure is an indication that the BGP route is not
    getting inserted into the routing table because the same route is there already
    with a better Administrative Distance. What are you trying to achieve and why?

    The only way to get the BGP route into the routing table is
    to remove the original route or to give it (the original route) a worse AD than
    the BGP route, relatively speaking.







  • hi,

    the goal is to reach the loopbacks of all the AS connected

    well, distance command is local to router..

    i got a workbook says ping from source(AS-X) to destination (AS-Y) through loopback..

    ping destination-loopback(AS-Y) source-loopback(AS-X)..



  • Can we use the route-map to redistribute the loopback in real lab exam due to rib-failure???

    Here's the key points -

    • A RIB failure doesn't necessarily indicate a problem - BGP will still advertise - could this be an image problem like your -BGP- post.
    • If you don't violate task requirement or general requirements by a solution then you can do what you need to do to complete a task.
    • If you redistribute BGP routes in an IGP - then yes RIB failures are likely if the prefix that was redistibuted was learnt via an iBGP connection. Default AD of 200 looses to any IGP's AD
    • The above is not true at the boundary between ASs - eBGP prefixes have an AD of 20 so the BGP learnt route would be in the routing table.
    • In general redistribution would only used if you didn't have a full mesh of iBGP peerings within the AS (or used route reflection to achieve the same).  Unless explicitly required in the task you would keep BGP routes out of your IGP.
    • With the above there is also the added complication of router-id between your IGP and BGP processes particularly for OSPF if you have enabled synchronisation - http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094431.shtml
  • Hi,

    yes i understand about rib-failure issues..just i had small thought and asked..nothing else...

    i am sure in exam they might not allow..

    thanks for the info..


  • i am sure in exam they might not allow..

    If this is the case they would have to tell you explicitly either in the general exam requirement or in the particular task.

    You aren't going to know as clearly telling you directly would break the NDA!

  • oh ok..thanks for your kindly help...

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