6.CUE advanced features


While on a call branch 2 phone 1 user want to transfer the call to voicemail by dialing *XXXX . 

how to do this ?


  • Dialing is usually evaluated and handled in CUCM or CME. Based on your what you've stated; here is one example of what might be required to perform a 4 digit transfer to voicemail from a remote location, hope this helps.

    ephone-dn  85
     number *....
     call-forward all 918085551234
    ephone-dn  86 to 89
     translation-profile outgoing DirectXferToVoicemail
    voice translation-rule 6
     rule 1 /^*/ /907555/
    voice translation-profile DirectXferToVoicemail
     translate redirect-called 6



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