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Mohammed SaberUddin | Systems Engineer


Al Fuzail | Head Office | P.O. Box 1628 Jeddah 21441, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Mob: +966 556912169 | Tel: +966 2 6171155 X 111 | Fax: +966 2 6191155 | Email: [email protected] | Web:



  • Hi Mohammed,

    To subscribe to these forum posts and receive them as emails, you need to go to the bottom each forum page (Such as the CCIE Voice General and the CCIE Voice Technical pages) and click on the "More Options" text link, and then choose the "Send Email" drop-down box and choose the option for "Send email when new posts are posted in this forum". And you need to do it for each forum you wish to receive emails for. This will ensure that you will not only receive emails, but that you will be recognized when you respond to those emails - and when you do respond via email, the thread in that forum will be automatically updated with your post reply. 

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