Bootcamp Feb 25th - Mar 8th, 2013 - Washington DC

Who is attending next R & S bootcamp next month in Washington DC ?

I am enrolled.



  • I'll be there.  Are you local?

  • No, I am coming from Canada. you? 

  • No, I am coming from Canada. you? 

    if you are driving in DC consider this a public service.

    DO NOT SPEED. There are speed cameras everywhere and they will get you if you are going  5mph over the limit.

    the ticket cost just got reduced from $100 to $50 i believe but in one trip in and out of DC while speeding can cost you $100 or above.



  • I am local (VA actually). Should be fun.

  • I am interested in your comments/reviews of the class,  I am heading to RTP (March 11th) for the class...can't wait!


  • and it begins..

    Say hello to Grandpa B.  Enjoy the class.  Fire up your G-Chat later and let me know how it is going.

  • It was probably one of the best learning experiences that I've had. I attended the 10 day bootcamp in June 2012/Belleview. To get the most out of it, I recommend to go to your hotel and study as much as possible while you have spare time. This way, you can come back the next day and ask questions that are relevant to you. You will see that if you ask questions, Brian will try out crazy scenarios (which may go off topic), but you will learn soooo much from them. I saw many people "slack off" during the bootcamp...what a waste of money! 

    You will have access to you rack 24/7 during you stay...make the best out of it! You will probably have 1 or more days in which will be "lost". Dont be frustrated...stop working on your rack and pay attention to Brian. Sometimes the frustrations will come from other people asking questions that take the class onto a completely sidetracked conversation, but its from times like these when you will really pick up solid knowledge.

    Don't waste doing things such as : chatting online, email, web pages, online games, texting, sleeping, etc during the class. There were some people that were doing all of these things during class. These were the ones that were always lost. 

    Get to know some of the engineers around you too. I picked up some really good contacts from the bootcamp from USA and also from other parts of the world.

    Sleep well, get a good breakfast each morning, and load up on coffee so that you are 100% during class. 

    These are just some of my recommendations to get the most out of your boot camp!


  • I forgot to mention, there will be almost 1 full day that will be dedicated to PfR/OER. This is probably one of the topics that the mayority of students were very weak in. I recommend to go through the PfR vSemiar the day before (or sometime before) so that you have a good understanding on the basics. If you are lost on PfR, you will likely be completely lost during an entire day of class. This is what happened to me and many other people on my boot camp. 

    Do youself a favor and watch the vSemiar so that you at least know some basics on the matter and can make the most out of the PfR day. By basics I dont just mean BR/MC establishment, I mean stuff such as setting it up to inject static routes or modifying BGP local preference. Also know some of the restrictions such as having the ACL called from your oer-map match the RIB entry. 

    If you walk in there not even knowing these basics, you will likely have a very difficult time keeping up throughout the entire day. 


  • Excellent comments - I appreciate the information.

    Very much looking forward to the training.


  • For those of you that have taken the class, what would be your recomendatiosn on WHEN to take the boot camp? I am still working through workbook 1 and am not ready to sit for the lab yet.

    In order to get the most out of the class, should I be almost ready to take the lab?

  • ideally yes. BUT, we had all kinds of people in the class, including myself that are not ready to take the lab yet. I enjoyed and was able to get a better understanding how different technologies work with each other. The way Brian explains things makes it really easy to understand how any particular technology SHOULD work and WHY it works the way it does. Once you understand that, it becomes relatively easy to learn, study, practice.

    and oh yes, the books now make much MORE sense but that could be just me :)

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