INE 5 Day Troubleshooting CoD

Hello guys

Does anyone have ANY idea of when the 5 day classes may and/or will be released in the CoD format?  It was posted that they would be available last year, early November I believe, yet here we are some months later with no news :(.  I know the guys are REALLY busy but I'd prefer as would others I'm sure, if announcements where not made if the product is not likely to be released.



  • It is my understanding that they are not intended to be released in the recorded format,  regardless of what someone may have initially said.

  • Really, thats not good. I guess it would be nice if someone let us know for sure.


  • The "for sure" answer is no. It has been confirmed by Brian Dennis on a post from a couple of months ago that these are not going to be available in recorded format. I am assuming that the videos that you are referring to were the ones that were streamed live back in October (TS Bootcamp).

    I too was also looking forward to this since initially thats what was said at the begenning of the bootcamp. 

  • Yes those are the ones, I've been asking the Sales guys and they've never mentioned that they're not being released.  Thanks for the info anyways.



  • I am a pretty realistic guy, I understand that things change.  Don't get me wrong, I like the INE products that are released.  However, there is a definite pattern of promising and not delivering.  I would prefer one not say something is going to happen and not deliver.  Better not to say anything at all, until that  something is "completely" done or set in stone. I am aware of instances of this besides the following.  Frustrating as a customer.

    If it is not a recorded product then one can not watch it again unless the online version is held again later.

    Begining of blog comments:

    imageColin Magee

    Will this class be recorded and later available to AAP Members?

    End of blog comments:


    Will previous purchases of the 4.0 R&S Troubleshooting Class, and current R&S Advanced Troubleshooting Class be protected as well?

  • Yup, I'd much prefer it that way.  Especially as I failed the LAB in October and have been delaying getting back into FULL practice as I was waiting on this product to help with my obvious lack of (I didn't pass TS) practice.  I'm also not overly sure on the number of TS Graded LABS available.  I did the FREE one which was challenging and was really looking forward to doing more as I worked through the TS 5 Day Recordings :(....

    It is what it is I guess......


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