Multiple Tickets not answered after 45 minutes during Mock Lab?

Put in 3 tickets during my Mock Lab and still have not received one reply.  Anything else I can do?  Put them in on the 911 page, and on the Ticketing system.  


A good portion of my devices loaded with the wrong configs entirely.  Also, there is no timer at all in my control panel.  


  • Put them in on the 911 page

    Probably your best option - as they will call an engineer out.  There's a good chance that they will refund you mock lab so you will live to fight another day. To do this don't forget to use the link found in the INE lab user guide.


  • Thanks for the input.  I figured, it just sucks since I'm trying to do a graded mock lab a week to gauge my skills, and areas I should fully focus on before my lab next month.  Still waiting on a response.  

  • Just got a reply back.  They did refund me for this session, and said they would forward the issue to the development team. 

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