MeetMe with name announcement - exception handling

We can use Unity Connection to gather caller details (e.g. Name) before the call is transfered to the MeetMe Conference - only 1 phone/user is allowed to initiate the conference, others should dial the same number to join it.

In my configuration, i have a MeetMe Pattern of 5100 in PT_MeetMe. Im using a SIP integration to Unity and have a CSS assigned that can see PT_MeetMe. Then i setup a CTI Route Point (could be a directory number too i guess, doesn't matter) with 5100 in the NONE partition that CfwdAll to the Unity Pilot.

In the Unity i have setup a SCH called MeetMe, extension 5100 which is active all the time.

The standard greeting is setup to not play anything (Callers Hear - Nothing) and the after greeting is a handover to Call Handler MeetMe (Myself). The Standard Transfer Rules for this Call Handler is Transfer Action to 5100 as supervised Transfer and then "Ask for Callers Name".

This does exactly what i want to achieve. Only 1 person can initiate the Conference (the phone/user has PT_MeetMe in the phones CSS), and everyone else can join the bridge and their name is recorded prior to joining and also announced when joining the existing conference.

By accidenti realized that if  the Bridge isn't already open, the CallHandler will loop and keep asking for "Who may i say is calling?" and there is no way out besides hanging up.

How would i go on to divert this call (no bridge is up) to another extension/operator/VM ?


  • After my initial suspicion that the recursive transfer (if one could call it that - namely Standard greeting action -> transfer to MeetMe (aka myself)), i created an additional call handler, simply called MeetMe2.

    The first call handler (MeetMe) now has as an After Greeting Action (in the Standard Greeting) of going to MeetMe2 as Attempt Transfer - instead of going to Meetme (itself)

    MeetMe2 has no extension associated - it's important to modify the error greeting. After Call action is User with MailBox - jshepherd - Directly to greetings and at the top - play nothing, otherwise you hear - Sorry MeetMe2 is not available and then Sorry - Jack Shepherd is not available.

    The standard greeting is a copy of what MeetMe (the original call handler) had - transfer to 5100 and ask for callers name while having Supervised Transfer checked.

    This solution works if i want to send it to VM

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