Requesting different IOS on rack rentals

Looking at the hardware specification guide for the RnS rack renatals, The IOS versions that are used are these: 

 12.4(10)A Advanced Enterprise Services and 12.4(24)T Advanced Enterprise Services

Is there any way to get a differnt version of code on the routers that are up for rental? I am specifically looking to do some PfR labs on real equipment, but I'd like to be able to use the version of IOS that we currently have in the lab, which is 12.4(15)T. Apparently there are some mayor differences between the 15 and 24 versions of 12.4.

I've been using GNS3 with the version of code that I like, but I would like to test this out the real racks. My PC gets extremely bugged down when I start generating massive pings from a couple of routers for some reason. I've been able to run huge topologies with no problem, but when I do some test traffic with pings over 1500 bytes it goes completely out of whack!

So, any way to get 12.4(15)T on the rack rentals?




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