CCIE R&S lab w/ ISR G2


Any thoughts on the below lab equipment to support CCIE R&S lab workbook? The ISR G2 models only support the HWIC's, does anyone forsee an issue setting up a frame-relay switch using two HWIC-4T's in a 2911 and HWIC-1T's on the spokes?


8x 2911-K9
3x 1941-K9
4x WS-3560X-24T-E


Thank you


  • Hi TM3,

    your setup looks good, but IOS 12.4T / 12.2SE won't run (starting with 15.0 code for both routers and switches). I think this gear will come in handy when the new blueprint arrives.



  • Thank you for the input Ford.

    Does anyone see much of any code differences between the 12.4T/12.2SE and the 15.0 that would get in the way with studies and following workbook? I would rather purchase equipment that would last through onto v5 if possible.

    Has anyone prepared for the CCIE R&S or gone through the workbooks on G2 equipment? How about running frame-relay switch with HWIC's vs the standard WIC's or onboards that most use? I'm not familiar with the HWIC in the frame-relay switch configuration, which is why I ask.

    Thank you

  • I think that most things should work, but you'll need to do a little messing around with changing interface names when loading configs. Should be easy to script. 

    You may come across a few things that have changed, but the core stuff should all be pretty much the same. Things like PfR will be different. Dot1x config changed somewhere in the 12.2 branch. Just work through your studies, being aware that there may be some differences. If you strike something that works quite differently, you can always get a rack rental to check it out on 12.4T

    I'm pretty sure that kit will stand you in good stead when v5 comes out.

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