Task 3.3 NTP (falseticker)

I had this issue on my rack when trying to get R4 to sync with BB2 & BB3.  I lost points because "R4 was unsynced" although my config was correct.  A little googling reveals that this is a combination of problems with the NTP client using 12.4(24)T or higher and the NTP servers having different times and a lower IOS version.  

I was able to recreate this problem on my home rack.  Two NTP servers running 12.4(19) and two different clients running 12.4(15)T11 and 12.4(24)T2 respectively.  On the 12.4(15)T11 router, it syncs with no issue.  On the other router I get the falseticker problem.  Is there some kind of "workaround" for this, or does INE just need to fix their racks?


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