Task 2.9 alternative solution

This is my alternate solution to task 2.9 on R1

route-map VLAN1001 permit 10
 match interface FastEthernet0/0.1001
 set community local-as
route-map VLAN1001 deny 20

router bgp 65145
redistribute connected route-map VLAN1001
neighbor send-community
neighbor send-community


I quite don't get why on the solution the community is not send to R4 

Kind regards 



  • I did the same solution as you i.e. redistributed connected as apposed to the network statement.

    I don't think this breaks any of the question's requirements (and after asking a few people who've sat the exam the questions there are written clearly to avoid such confusion).

    I also sent the community to R4 which isn't shown in the SG.  Without this the community wouldn't be sent but it isn't needed because R4 has no external peers.

    Again, I feel this didn't break any of the question's requirements but after looking through the posts here this is an 'over configuration' and although not 'wrong' in the correct meaning of the word would probably lose points in the exam.

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