CCNP Voice (LAB)

My question is simply if I have 3 2811 with ES modules would I also need 2 switches for the setup? and could I use a 2651XM for the PSTN? I haven't started my studies yet but trying to get my lab together first.


  • You are very close to building you own lab. You really need one 3560 or 3750 to practice QoS which is one of the major topic to finish you CVOICE study. For CCNP Voice you dont need 3qty of 2811 because you dont need to simulate three sites which is covered on CCIE syllabus. Try to establish two different sites only for the time being. Yes your 2611XM can act as a PSTN simulator.

    Here is a snapshot of the lab you can imagine:


    CUCM/CUCxn/CUPS in one ESXi Server

    2811 Router with 2xPRI Ports (prefebly E1), (also 2xFXO Ports if possible), PVDM2-32

    3560 or 3750 PoE Switch

    2x7961/7962 IP Phones



    2811 Router with 2xPRI Ports (Prefebly T1), PVDM2-32, 4ESW PoE Port, CUE Module(AIM/NM), router should have PoE capable power supply

    2x7961/7962 IP Phones


    PSTN Router (works as both Frame Relay Switch + PSTN switch Emulator)

    2611XM Router with 4xPRI Ports (2xE1 & 2xT1 Ports), PVDM2-16


    Any confusion revert back, I can explain more in detail if you want.

  • Sir,

       The studying has begun. I have all the routers I have 3 2811 and a 3945. I'm following the CCNP Voice set-up but using one of the 2811 or the 3945 as the PSTN Router (haven't set it up yet) I received my Aim-Cue and all the dsp for the 3 2811. I have all the T1 and E1 and 4ESW modules along with the required phones. The last piece is the CUCM/CUCxn/CUPS. I ordered this off ebay for my dell 1950.


    I'm I ready? Starting watching the video's this week. Purchased the 10 day CCIE Voice bootcamp /w two year all access pass and workbooks. Deployed in AFG until next year so I plan on going to the boot then.

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