Initial configuration Lab1

I have one question about Lab1. I've did it 3rd Rack. And I was cofused with initial Routers configurations. For example, There are ospf configuration:
router ospf 1
network area 100
network area 100
network area 100
Should I change IP in ospf configuration to network? For example:
change to
Could you write me initial config for 3rd Rack in any Router, for example.


  • rusya,

    The ospf network statement enables ospf processing on an interface. Using the wildcard mask of ensures that only the single interface is enabled. When ospf processing is enabled on an interface, the actual subnet configured on that interface is added to the ospf database - unless it is a loopback interface. Ospf treats the loopback as a host address unless the interface is configured with ip ospf network point-to-point.

  • When you do the labs on different Racks, you need to change the config to reflect the rack number. The reason is that the BB routers are addressed according to the rack numbers and all of the peering and routes that are injected ect. will reflect that number as well.

    I know, it is a pain to go through all of the configs and make one that is easily changed with a search and replace...but what can you do.
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