Call history not showing , Echo and delay



Currently i am facing some issue. In my company the call history is not showing on any ip phone. Can you tell me what is the cause ?? and what will be the solution???


One more issue. There is delay in call. How we can fix it?? 


Last issue is Echo problem when we are calling external phones. How the problem can be fixed and what will be the cause???


  • Seems so many issues you are facing in your voice network. Let me try if I can help you.

    Regarding the 

     1. Call History issue - please make sure HTTP/HTTPS ports are open from IP Phone to UCM TFTP Server.
     2. Delay issue - please be specific. Delay while talking from phone to phone? Or delay while ringing? Please brief your network. Did you check the latency from phone to phone and phone to UCM?

     3. Echo issue - there are certain scenarios. Please check this document and find the exact scenario and resolution:

    Hope this helps. Update this post if you are still facing problems.

    On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 11:55 AM, wish4zain <[email protected]> wrote:

    One more issue. There is delay in call. How we can fix it?? 

  • Echo problem is in whole company. Many User face it some times.


    Delay is while transferring the call n while speaking in some calls.


    Call history cannot be shown due to firmware ??? 

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