authenticaiton proxy on R1 is not working at all

hi all brian and petr i am working on lab 1 . in the section where authentication proxy needs to be applied on R1 for allowing only authenticated connects to tcp port 135.

i did the configs as per the solution but there is no acl pushed from the acs server to R1. i am using acs 4.1 on windows.

can u all pls tell me what could be the problem. is it a bug i am hitting i also tried the same on r2 but failed.

authentication for the same section with pix worked perfectly fine.

i am using 2610XM routers with 12.3.22bin enterprise ios.

i have wasted a lot of time on this but couldn;t get through.

any help would be great so i can move on with the second lab.




  • Can you paste your config in?
  • hi sorry i got this done. the problem was i was trying to do http with R1 itself so it was not triggering auth-proxy it was asking for the http authentication of the router.

    but when i tried doing http to R2 the auth-proxy triggered properly and the acls were pushed properly

    thanks for ur response.


  • Hi, it also took me some time to figure this out! :) I think the question is a bit misleading, because they write there that users should authenticate by using HTTP to R1. Do you guys know of a way making it work towards the router itself, too?

  • You determine what traffic is forced to auth with the ACL. Change the ACL to reflect some other traffic and test.
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