Lab 3 task 2.5 URL Screening

Missing command? SG has configured "ip inspect name HTTP_FILTER http" on R6, i think we need to specifiy tie URLFILTER keyword to ip inspect command like this: ip inspect name HTTP_FILTER http urlfilter.  If not, then how does CBAC know to use the URL filtering for http traffic.  What you think?


  • You are correct.  It does require the urlfilter list be tied to the inspect.  This was something that was corrected and is in the workbook version 5.02.  I'd recommend grabbing the latest version of the workbooks from the members area.  





  • I am using 5.02, but my version does not has it.  I just downloaded the latest one available in member zone (v5.02 dated 6/21/12), it is not in there either. :(

  • Sorry, correction:  You need the 5.05 version which is not in the members area yet.  It will be updated shortly.  If you don't see it today please email me at [email protected]

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