Router EZVPN_CONNECTION_DOWN - voice rack


I've been having some issues getting disconnected on my router EZVPN Connection right at the 2:30 mark. I wanted to see if anybody else has experienced this problem.

It is interesting because ONLY my EZVPN_CONNECTION for my router goes
DOWN. If I try connecting using telnet to my username and
passwords works fine there. Also using the Cisco VPN client I am able to
authenticate without any problems. The main issue is that with those connections I am no able to use my hardware phones.

I wanted to see if anybody have had this problem and if you can shed some light how you went about fixing it?




  • Possible reason is maybe the peer went down temporarilty for any activities or some other reason. If this occurs in between your rack schedule then open a support ticket. Don't forget to collect the debug logs mentioned in 'Appendix-A/section 5' in 'INE Voice Rack Rental Access Guide', support team might need them.

  • Yes, I've opened a case and been working with support but still not luck. I just wanted to know if anybody else out there was experience same disconnection problems.

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