Update Failed error when trying to Save a DN Config in Line Group

I am getting the below error when trying to save a DN Config in Line Group (CUCM Admin: Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Line Group).


Update failed. Park Monitoring Forward No Retreive Destination is set
only for Directory Numbers (Device, Device Template and Hunt Pilot)



- No Values in any of the fields in the 'Park Monitoring' section ...tried putting values, error message changes

- Values in 'Service Parameters' for Message Retrieval are all set to default.

- Tried resetting the following Services

  - CallManager

  - CTIManager

  - RIS Data Collector

Any ideas???


  • This isn't UCM for 7.0 I take it?

    Are you working on 8.5?

    It is quite strange - it's telling you that there is a service parameter "Park Monitoring Forward No Retrieve Timer" and that when that timer expires, that it sends the call on to that DN on the hunt pilot page, and that it can only be a valid DN for a line on a phone device.


  • It is CCM v7.0. I tried it on at least 3-4 separate racks (not INE) and having the same issue. I did try to tweak the Service Parameters too... still the same.

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